AP Marine specializes in various propellers and propulsion systems for commercial shipping.

Good propulison guarantees optimal sailing comfort and minimum fuel consumption.

AP Marine was founded by Anko van der Plas in 1985 and is located in Franeker. The propeller shafts and propulsion systems are made in-house, which is very specialistic work. We will be happy to invite you to come and see what AP Marine can do for you.

AP Marine has all the expertise in the field of propulsion and propulsion systems, which we develop and manufacture in-house, making the prices very competitive. Thanks to the specialistic knowledge and years of experience, more and more yards find AP Marine.

From propulsion systems, rudders, propellers, to cranes and winches, for a complete package on board you will find at AP-Marine. All systems can be supplied on request under RINA or BV approval.